ProPharma's RCO & AI: Breaking Barriers in Clinical Trial Diversity

ProPharma's RCO & AI: Breaking Barriers in Clinical Trial Diversity Image

Diverse groups of participants in clinical trials can be the key to examining how different individuals respond to a treatment. Researchers must identify variations in treatment responses across diverse populations to gain a greater understanding of interactions across various patient characteristics, including genetic, physiological, and environmental differences. Additionally, advances in the field of precision medicine are reliant on tailored treatments for individual patients based on their genetic biomarkers and lifestyle. 

In this whitepaper, ProPharma discusses how our RCO model provides bespoke solutions to organizations, helping them address diversity in clinical trials, including key factors such as:

  • Mistrust of the medical system and cognitive bias
  • Limited access and awareness
  • Geographical barriers
  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Study design and underrepresentation in trial recruitment

Learn more about how ProPharma is utilizing AI technology to assist in mitigating the lack of diversity in clinical trials, helping companies address health disparities, and promoting health equity. Complete our form to get instant access to the whitepaper.  


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