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Custom-Tailored Solutions for your Oncology Study

Embarking on foundational research or preparing to advance your oncology therapy to the clinical development phase? Our robust oncology CRO expertise is bolstered by our global infrastructure and diverse offerings. We continuously review execution strategies, monitor patient recruitment endeavors, and mitigate study risks to ensure the success of your oncology trial. 

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Full Service Oncology CRO Services

Custom Tailored Approach

ProPharma's top-tier medical and project teams boast a deep-rooted experience in conceptualizing, executing, and analyzing intricate clinical trials. Our dedicated focus allows us to offer the kind of expertise and perspective that only years of hands-on involvement in challenging studies can bring.

At ProPharma, our full-service capabilities ensure the development and execution of a meticulously designed drug development strategy, tailored to meet all regulatory standards and stipulations. Our aim is to enhance the prospective results for your drug concerning future studies and supplementary indications, thereby amplifying the returns on your clinical endeavors.

Choosing ProPharma's specialization in oncology CRO services provides clients:

  • Engagement with a premier medical squad with profound expertise in framing, running, and scrutinizing intricate clinical trials.
  • A unified partner from pre-clinical to phase III trials.
  • Experts with direct clinical familiarity with various tumor categories, drugs, diseases, and experimental drugs under investigation.
  • Proficiency in supervising dose progression, establishing the maximum tolerated dose, and comprehensive safety evaluation experience.
  • Strong collaboration ties with seasoned investigators and patient engagement initiatives, ensuring the ideal patients for your study.
  • Oncology CRO provisions spanning North America and Europe.
For sponsors seeking a trusted partner in the oncology drug development journey, ProPharma delivers:
  • Preliminary drug development, trial structuring, and initiation.
  • Comprehensive trial oversight, expert medical documentation, and statistical analysis.
  • Regulatory guidance and quality assurance.

Our expert team ensures swift, precise outcomes and tailored developmental planning for your specific needs in the vast landscape of oncology objectives.

Site Networks

In the complex world of oncology clinical trials, access to the appropriate sites and site networks is paramount. ProPharma's established connections with leading oncology sites ensures sponsors have access to state-of-the-art facilities and specialized patient populations. We select sites that have the infrastructure, expertise, and the patient population needed to ensure your trial is executed smoothly yielding high-quality, reliable data.

The right sites and site networks come with experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in oncology studies, accelerating patient recruitment.  ProPharma adeptly manages patient recruitment through its partnerships, ensuring timely and efficient trial commencement. Seasoned oncology sites are better equipped to handle unforeseen challenges that might arise during the trial, from managing adverse events to adjusting to protocol changes.  ProPharma's collaborations with these sites ensure that potential challenges are addressed promptly and efficiently, bolstered by collective experience.

Lastly, building robust relationships with the right oncology site networks fosters trust and collaboration between sponsors, researchers, and clinical staff. ProPharma champions this synergy, acting as a bridge between sponsors and site networks to ensure seamless communication and collaboration. This synergistic relationship is vital for the success of a trial. In essence, with ProPharma's guidance, the right sites and site networks become the bedrock for oncology clinical trials, championing precision, timeliness, and a focus on patient welfare.

Patient Recruitment

Patient recruitment for oncology clinical trials is an intricate and critical phase, requiring an adept understanding of the diverse patient populations affected by various cancers. It's essential to reflect this diversity in clinical trials to ensure treatments are effective across all patient demographics. ProPharma, recognizing the significance of inclusivity, has streamlined its recruitment processes to reach a wide array of patients, ensuring that trial data is comprehensive and universally applicable.

Diverse patient representation not only increases the generalizability of trial results but also enhances the potential for groundbreaking discoveries in cancer treatments. However, achieving this diversity is no small feat. It requires building trust within various communities, breaking down barriers to participation, and continuously engaging with potential participants. ProPharma excels in these areas, utilizing a combination of outreach initiatives, community partnerships, and culturally sensitive communication strategies to foster trust and encourage diverse participation.

Regulatory Services 

Our experienced regulatory consulting and compliance team commands an unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge pertaining to the US and European regulatory frameworks and can work with you to accomplish your business objectives. Using our deep science knowledge, our regulatory team develops and executes detailed strategies for your product, providing a clear path forward through all the critical milestones to achieve a successful outcome, whether that is a submission or a meeting. We also support post-authorization regulatory pharma/biotech/medical device operations including product launch, publications review, line extensions (LEs), and CMC changes. We maintain your products' optimal regulatory status throughout its lifecycle. Our track record of success in both the US and Europe is unmatched. As the only true global consultancy our pharmacologists, toxicologists, chemists, and clinicians have helped hundreds of small and large firms move their products from one regulatory hurdle to the next.

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT)

ProPharma embraces decentralized strategies to bring forth a seamless and patient-friendly model for conducting trials, especially in the challenging landscape of oncology. Our approach facilitates patient participation from the comfort of their homes while ensuring data integrity, patient safety, and study compliance.

Our expertise in deploying remote technologies, coupled with our in-depth understanding of oncology, ensures that trials are conducted efficiently without compromising data accuracy or patient care. We employ robust virtual engagement strategies, making it convenient for oncology patients to participate without frequent hospital visits, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance.

Partnering with ProPharma for decentralized clinical trials in oncology means embracing innovative methodologies that prioritize patient well-being while advancing the development of oncology products with reliability and precision. ProPharma has 300 full-time GoClinical Clinicians (RNs, LNs, and Phlebotomists) on staff to support your patients. Furthermore, we boast an extensive network of over 25,000 nursing professionals through our affiliated companies, guaranteeing our ability to expand and cater to your decentralized clinical trial requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient trial experience.

Clinical Oncology Experts

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Marcy Komocsar

Senior Vice President
Clinical Research Solutions

Alena Hammond

Alena Hammond

Global Head
Clinical Operations

Helen Hall

Helen Hall

Global Head
Clinical Data Sciences

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Robert Rachford

Vice President
Biostatistics and Programming


Shelby Stillwagon

Senior Director
Decentralized Clinical Trials

Kevin Wysocki

Kevin Wysocki

Clinical Research Solutions

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