Meet the Expert: Robert Rachford

August 2, 2022

Our “Meet the Expert” series introduces you to our team of experts around the world. This “behind the curtain” view will help you get to know who we are on a professional and personal level, and highlight how our colleagues work together on our higher purpose to improve patient health and safety throughout the complete product lifecycle.

Meet the Expert: Robert Rachford, Sr. Director, Biostatistics and Programming

What do you do at ProPharma Group?

At ProPharma Group I lead the biostatistics and programming division. Our division is responsible for organizing, analyzing, summarizing, and reporting clinical trial results and non-clinical data. Our overall objective in this is to help prove that new drugs, biologics, vaccines, and medical devices are safe and effective to help improve patient health and safety.

What is one lesson you’ve learned in this industry that has most helped you?

I have learned that all clinical trials, regardless of complexity can be broken down into small and simple parts making them easy to execute. For example, every clinical study collects data, processes that data, and outputs results. By focusing on each of these steps and breaking them down into even smaller/simpler steps, any clinical trial can be completed on time and with the highest level of quality. This fact has been instilled in our biostatistics and programming team and we are capable of handling any clinical study, regardless of size and scope.

What’s your number one goal/focus right now?

Currently, my number one goal is to enable my team to complete their jobs to the best of their abilities. Specifically, I focus on providing my team with the proper tools and guidance required to organize, analyze, summarize and report clinical and non-clinical data. I am actively reviewing each of our standard operating procedures, work instructions, and the most recent FDA guidance documents and regulations to ensure my team can produce all the required deliverables in a regulated environment.

Describe the biggest challenge facing our clients/industry today. How are we addressing this?

Today, our clients and the industry, have more data than they know what to do with. Data is a wonderful thing, but it is meaningless if not analyzed and summarized correctly. Our team can not only help analyze and summarize our clients' clinical and non-clinical data, but we can also help our clients determine how to best use their data. We do this by listening and understanding to our client’s goals and objectives and then reviewing their data from an analytical perspective to see how the data can be used to achieve their goals and objectives.

Why are you proud to work at ProPharma Group?

I am incredibly proud to work at ProPharma Group and specifically as the leader of the biostatistics and programming team because of the ownership each of our team members takes in what they do. At the center of every day, at the center of everything we do, is our goal to improve patient health and safety. Every team member is 100% focused on this mission and this focus enables us to deliver the highest quality data and results possible. We fully understand that the data we handle, analyze, and summarize represents people’s lives. We take this very seriously and we give our all in everything we do at ProPharma Group, and I am incredibly proud to be part of such a caring and dedicated team.

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