Drug and Device Development Outsourcing with the Research Consulting Organization (RCO) Model

In this webinar, the featured speakers will showcase the success of ProPharma’s new Research Consulting Organization (RCO) model, which offers a refreshing approach to drug and device development outsourcing, addressing the challenges faced by smaller and mid-sized innovators with traditional Contract Research Organizations (CROs) that prioritize larger programs. The new RCO delivers a “3-D printed” solution for those sponsor programs that just don’t fit the mold.The RCO is a new service partner that has emerged in response to the shifting landscape of drug and device development outsourcing. Historically, smaller and mid-sized innovators have found themselves relegated to the end of the queue, piecing together pivotal programs with the CRO’s “C” team. The RCO model offers a new degree of personalization and agility, which is not typically available with rigid CRO models, to meet this need. With smaller rare disease programs representing 40 percent of the industry’s pipeline, the “bigger-the-better” CRO trend has become incongruent with market needs. Traditional CROs are trapped in scale-based economic models, and the “need volume to make the numbers work” mindset, which often results in extraneous services being pushed to help drive appeal and boost margin.

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