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A Guide to Solving Complex Life Sciences Challenges

Life sciences organizations are consistently inundated with decisions and challenges of varying scale. These can occur anywhere during the life sciences value chain, under any treatment modality...

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The Hidden Costs of Project Communication Gaps

Ineffective communication may be a key factor contributing to the challenges in your projects. Communication is a vital aspect of our daily lives, and the success of a project is closely linked to...

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How to Avoid Blind-Spots in Your Early-Stage Drug Development Program

Navigating the landscape of vital drug development? Discover the five crucial areas that could make or break your success. Early-stage drug development encompasses the initial phases of researching,...

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7 Reasons Projects Fail (And How to Ensure Success)

Leadership at drug and devices companies are continually overwhelmed with the constant balance of driving daily work, managing resources, and addressing unplanned emergencies. This balance is then...

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Key Challenges of CRISPR Drug Development Project Management

CRISPR, or Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, is a gene-editing technology that holds enormous promise for treating genetic diseases. However, developing CRISPR-based drugs is...

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Key Challenges of Specialty Pharma Drug Development Project Management

Specialty pharma companies are focused on developing drugs for niche markets, such as rare diseases, cancer, and other complex conditions. These drugs often require significant investment in research...

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The Important Role of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

Increasing safe and effective patient treatment opportunities for the future is one of the driving forces behind ProPharma Group’s business. It’s also the driving force behind why many individuals...

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Drug Development: The Key to Success from Concept to Commercialization

Congratulations! You have a lead candidate formulation for your new drug. You might be thinking to yourself, “okay, now what?” We all know the science behind getting to this stage of having multiple...

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Risk-Averse Schedule for Project Management

Is your project schedule ready to pass the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) "litmus test"? Not sure? Well, the Project Management Team at ProPharma is here to lend a helping hand. Below are some...

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Project Bullying

Believe it or not, project bullying in the workplace does exist. It is not a threat only at schools and on playgrounds. Project bullying can come for any source including the Project Manager, the...

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