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Cell and Gene Therapy

July 24, 2023

Decentralization of Cell and Gene Therapy

Patients typically go through the same thought process when they have been diagnosed. After the relief of knowing that their ailment was correctly diagnosed, most patients want to know the path back...

Regulatory Sciences Cell and Gene Therapy

September 20, 2022

CAR-T Cells: Challenges, Lessons Learned, and Guidance for the Clinical Development

It comes as no surprise to any pharmaceutical or biotech company that planning the clinical development of CAR-T cells is an extremely challenging endeavor: high efficacy is expected in each targeted...

Life Science Consulting Cell and Gene Therapy

March 4, 2021

Phase Appropriate Controls and GMPs in Cell and Gene Therapy

How much is too little versus too much when developing quality systems and controls for investigational cell and gene therapies? Because these therapies are being administered to patients during all...

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