The Role of Patient Support Services in the Evolving World of Cell & Gene Therapies (CAGTs)

June 10, 2024

Health care worker and patient smiling reviewing clipboard

Cell and Gene Therapies (CAGTs) represent a transformative step in medicine, offering unprecedented potential to treat and potentially cure diseases once deemed untreatable. However, the path to accessing these advanced treatments can be daunting. Patients are often required to tackle intricate insurance and reimbursement issues, face logistical challenges, and handle the considerable emotional strain of these processes.

ProPharma simplifies this process by collaborating with treatment providers to deliver global Patient Support Programs (PSPs) across several stages of the Drug Development Life Cycle, from clinical development to commercial availability. Our approach is built on a deep understanding of each patient's treatment journey. With empathetic, personalized care, we aim to make the CAGT experience more seamless, enabling patients to focus on what truly matters: their health.

Empathetic Concierge Support for Complex Care

At the core of our patient support services lies a deeply empathetic team led by dedicated case managers who ensure no aspect of the patient’s journey is navigated alone. These case managers foster one-to-one relationships with each patient and/or caregiver, offering tailored and compassionate support throughout treatment. Such a connection is essential in making every patient feel heard, understood, and supported, significantly enhancing their treatment experience and likelihood of success.

Case managers are skilled in addressing the full spectrum of patient needs, spanning informational, logistical, and emotional aspects, thereby crafting a comprehensive support system that extends beyond traditional clinical care. This personalized care strategy distinguishes our patient support services by smoothing the patient's path and building confidence and trust between patients and their healthcare providers.

When additional clinical support is needed, ProPharma has an extensive staff of Pharmacists and Nurses that can be available to support the patients and caregivers needs.

Navigating Financial Barriers to Therapy Access

Navigating the financial and logistical challenges of obtaining coverage for CAGTs can be overwhelming, especially when securing payer coverage and navigating complex reimbursement landscapes for specialty drugs. Our PSPs feature Reimbursement Specialists adept at simplifying these processes.

Aligned with our commitment to personalized care, our comprehensive approach aims to alleviate financial burdens. This includes conducting insurance coverage reviews, assisting with prior authorizations and appeals, and offering support through copay assistance and alternate funding programs. We aim to remove financial barriers, enabling patients to begin their recommended treatment without delay.

Our financial support services encompass:

  • Access & Reimbursement Support: This covers benefit verification, assistance with prior authorization, and appeals.
  • Financial Assistance Services: We provide support for travel and lodging, coupon-saving programs, alternate funding sources, and free therapy for eligible patients.

Full-Spectrum Support for Treatment Success

ProPharma’s primary goal is to foster a trusted, supportive environment for patients and caregivers throughout their treatment journey. Dedicated to providing customized care, we offer an extensive suite of concierge services tailored to each patient's specific needs. By coordinating schedules, transportation, accommodation, and meals, we manage every detail to ensure patients feel comfortable at every stage of their journey.

Tailored Support for Every Need

Our dedication to personalized care is evident in our ability to develop individualized support plans for patients across all target populations, including those with rare conditions. Understanding the significance of addressing even the smallest obstacles, our case managers provide unwavering support, proactively anticipating and addressing patient and caregivers' needs and questions throughout the treatment process.

Proactive Therapy Planning and Integration

Collaborating closely with clients, clinical thought leaders, and Patient Advocacy groups well before therapy launches, typically 6-8 months in advance, allows ProPharma to incorporate patient support services from the start. This forward-thinking strategy ensures our support programs align with patients' requirements.

Customized Support for Every Patient’s Journey

CAGTs are as unique as the patients they help, highlighting the need for tailored support services. At ProPharma, we recognize that each patient's journey is unique, encompassing needs that may include financial assistance, educational support, or simply the need for a listening ear. Our global Patient Support Services are strategically designed to address these needs directly, offering clear and personalized guidance on disease states, treatments, and administration methods. Whether support is needed in person, over the phone, or through digital channels, we ensure every patient and caregiver is equipped with the knowledge they need for a successful treatment journey.

Global Expertise with a Local Touch

Our Global Contact Center framework empowers us to provide care transcending geographical boundaries, facilitating globally accessible treatment. With over 35 native bilingual specialists worldwide, we provide globally knowledgeable and profoundly personal support.

ProPharma's Comprehensive Patient Support Services

In Cell and Gene Therapies (CAGTs), the ultimate measure of success is the treatment's ability to cure the disease. ProPharma plays a crucial role in this success by offering comprehensive support services that enhance the treatment process. Our patient-first approach, combined with our expertise in navigating financial and logistical challenges, aids patients in achieving the best possible treatment outcomes. For healthcare providers, partnering with ProPharma means entrusting your patients to an RCO deeply committed to understanding the complexities of their treatment while enhancing their well-being and supporting treatment success at every stage.

See how our tailored Patient Support Programs can significantly improve your treatment’s outcomes.


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