Clinical Trials Day 2016: Increasing Clinical Trial Awareness & Participation

May 20, 2016

Every year on or near May 20th, Clinical Trials Day is celebrated. The internationally observed celebration recognizes the first randomized clinical trial, conducted in 1747 by James Link.

In a recent interview with Outsourcing-Pharma, Jim Kremidas, Executive Director, Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), stated that it is equally important “to celebrate and recognize the women and men at the grassroots level of clinical trials – clinical research professionals – and the contributions their work has made to public health and wellness.”

Although the clinical research profession has undergone significant changes in the past 256 years, one thing that remains the same is the importance of increasing awareness of clinical trials.  One of the most critical, and also most challenging areas for many clinical trials is finding volunteer participants.  In his interview, Kremidas stated that nearly “40% of all clinical trials fail to meet recruitment goals, which ultimately delays the development of new therapies and treatments and their delivery to those in need.”  In addition, he noted that the need for volunteers has not, and will not, change; but we could help solve the problem and increase participation by increasing the general population’s awareness of this issue.  While the FDA and other industry insiders are working to promote awareness, it is still an area that is in need of improvement.

Although there are a number of issues being faced by those in the clinical research field, Clinical Trials Day is a day to celebrate the individuals within the industry and their many achievements.  As such, Kremidas notes that ACRP provides clinical research professionals with a platform to share their success stores as well as what inspires them to remain dedicated and involved in the area of medical innovation.  In addition, the organization is also providing free educational sessions, which are designed to support the current and future work of clinical research professionals.

To all those involved in clinical trials and the clinical research industry, we thank you.  Happy Clinical Trials Day 2016!


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