Solar Eclipse 2017: Taking a Look Back

August 28, 2017

Looking Back on the 2017 North American Total Solar Eclipse

As we’re sure already you know, last week North Americans experienced a total solar eclipse.  Leading up to the big event, thousands of articles and blog posts were written about the historical event that most of us were – at least partially – able to witness.  Although we considered writing about it in advance, we decided to take a different approach.  Since you can find the history of total solar eclipses and the science behind why, how, and when they happen on almost every website and blog on the internet, we thought we would tell you how we celebrated this extraordinary scientific event and why it mattered to The Weinberg Group.

How did we “celebrate”?

While it may not have been an official holiday, Matthew Weinberg, our CEO, decided to close our office on Monday, August 21st in observance of the solar eclipse.  Although Washington, DC was not located directly in the path of totality, nearly 81% of the sun was covered by the moon in our neck of the woods, which still made for a pretty amazing view!  But, being the science-obsessed people we are, some of our employees decided that 81% coverage wasn’t enough, and they decided to take a road trip to other locations actually in the path of totality.  What can we say, science really is our “thing” and our passion for the subject doesn’t stay at the office when we go home, it follows us into every aspect of our lives.

Why did we care about the total solar eclipse?

A total solar eclipse is one of the most awe-inspiring scientific events in the world, and who doesn’t love science.  While it may not directly relate to what we do for a living, we still recognize that it is an amazing natural event.  And, although we may not have the capability to generate a solar eclipse using science, there are some pretty extraordinary scientific occurrences and breakthroughs that occur within the pharmaceutical industry on a regular basis.  Those are the types of scientific occurrences we like to be a part of; that is the type of science we love.  We have been following this passion to help our clients create extraordinary regulatory outcomes for the past 34 years.  So, although this may not be exactly what we do, we feel a strong connection to the eclipse not only for its ties to science, but because we are a part of extraordinary scientific moments on a regular basis, and we know how big of a deal they are.

Want help creating your next awe-inspiring scientific occurrence?  Contact us today to learn about how we can help you create this type of science.


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