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Computer Systems Validation Life Science Consulting

October 19, 2021

Implementing eQMS in a Regulated Environment

Everything we do today is traceable. The integrity of the data, documents and decisions needs to be defendable and consistent. Electronic Quality Management Systems (eQMS) are an effective way to...

Computer Systems Validation Life Science Consulting

October 15, 2019

Just How Mature Is Your Data Lifecycle / Data Management Function?

The attention of regulatory agencies continues to focus on data integrity, as observed by the increase of FDA observations over the course of the last few years. Having a proper data lifecycle / data...

Computer Systems Validation Life Science Consulting

October 12, 2017

Summary Considerations: Use of Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures in Clinical Investigations Under 21 CFR Part 11 – Questions and Answers

Here I provide some key summaries and considerations relative to FDA’s draft guidance that was submitted for review and comment in June 2017. If you don’t want to review the entire guidance, here are...

Computer Systems Validation Life Science Consulting

May 23, 2017

Data Integrity 101: Is your data compliant?

Data integrity has recently been in the agency spotlight. In part because of the draft data integrity guidance issued April 2016, but primarily due to an increased number of inspection findings...

Computer Systems Validation Life Science Consulting

September 28, 2016

Is Your Laboratory PC Cloned From the Proper Image?

Managing compliance for computerized lab systems includes the PC controlling your qualified instruments. This is an integral audit point that must be maintained to ensure compliance. Ah, but you’re...

Computer Systems Validation Life Science Consulting

May 4, 2016

Top Takeaways from FDA’s Guidance on Data Integrity

For those of you unaware, the FDA submitted a draft guidance on data integrity for comment in April. This is significant in that the last formal written guidance provided from FDA on this subject...


April 14, 2016

Everything you to need to know about Audit Trails

In today’s validated lab environment, knowing the importance of an audit trail in computerized laboratory systems is just one of the integral qualification tasks that the ProPharma’s Computer System...

Computer Systems Validation Life Science Consulting

March 3, 2016

CSV Considerations Around Data Integrity

Data integrity is a current hot topic, but not a new one, within the life sciences industries and associated product supply chains. This article will not delve into why there have been so many recent...

Computer Systems Validation Life Science Consulting

July 30, 2015

Looking to the Cloud for your Business

computer susteIt’s a Friday afternoon. Quarter’s end. Your V.P. of Regulatory Affairs calls your office bellowing something about not being able to process the latest submission data- can’t access...

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