Incorporating a decentralized clinical trials (DCT) approach can be overwhelming and adds a layer of complexity to your clinical trials that can significantly impact patient enrollment, diversity, and retention.

In order to successfully provide home health visits, you need an expert DCT vendor to guide your protocol design to identify the specific study visits that can be performed offsite, eliminating the burdens that could prohibit patients from participating in your study.

We understand what it takes to manage in-home visits for patients around the world. No two studies are the same, which is why our DCT team brings a consultative approach to implementing decentralized visits for your study so that we can provide a customized solution for you that meets your goals.

Sample collection was performed in the comfort of their homes, and over 100 unscheduled offsite visits were successfully completed throughout the duration of the study.

Customer Success Story

A gene therapy trial required frequent and often unscheduled visits which were inconvenient, and sometimes impossible, for patients living in rural areas. These visits are disruptive to patients’ lives and stressful for site personnel to accommodate on top of their other responsibilities.

We consulted with the sponsor to identify the appropriate visits that could be performed offsite and trained our team of clinicians on sample collection and patient needs and expectations. As a result, we successfully operationalized decentralized visits, and rurally located patients were able to remain enrolled in the study.

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Can DCT Work for Your Clinical Trials?

If you’re unsure whether incorporating DCT can work for your trial, watch this 1-hour presentation to understand how DCT focuses on making patients’ lives easier and eliminating many of the burdens that might keep them from fully participating in your trial.

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No time to watch the video? Read more about how to decentralize your trial, including which studies work best for DCT.

We have more than 10 years of experience helping sponsors implement decentralized visits for their clinical trials.

Our team will:

  • Meet with you to review your draft synopsis or study design to determine which visits could be performed offsite
  • Develop open communication channels with sites so they understand what to expect and can provide information to patients about their decentralized visit options
  • Provide protocol-specific training from our head of nursing to our directly-employed nursing staff so they are ready to interact with your patient population
  • Collect real-time data during each visit using our 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic data capture system so that it can be delivered electronically to the site for import into the EDC
  • Ensure patients who opt for in-home visits have a positive experience throughout the study

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