Meet the Expert: Tiffany Rice

May 18, 2023



Our "Meet the Expert" series introduces you to our team of experts around the world. This "behind the curtain" view will help you get to know who we are on a professional and personal level, and highlight how our colleagues work together on our higher purpose to improve patient health and safety throughout the complete product lifecycle.

Meet Tiffany Rice, Director, Clinical Operations

What do you do at ProPharma? How does your role support our higher purpose of improving the health and safety of patients?

I work as the Director for the Functional Services Provider (FSP) Team within Clinical Operations. ProPharma's FSP model is an outsourcing solution that focuses on building and managing expert functional teams to execute clinical studies. Sponsors can boost outcomes in specialized services or niche markets by utilizing our worldwide resource access and our expertise in clinical research. By offering a collaborative solution to our clients, we deliver an integrated clinical trial approach with shared industry experience and expertise that improves patient health and safety.

What do you like best about working with clients?

The FSP model provides exposure to diverse perspectives and approaches while contributing to the advancement of medical science. We have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and exposure to a variety of study designs and therapeutic areas from our clients. We can use this to our advantage by developing a broader perspective on clinical trial management while building a versatile skill set that can be applied to different settings. Additionally, since many of the FSP programs are set within the client's environment, we can "flex" our skills in adaptability, flexibility, and communication- which are critical skills in a complex and dynamic industry like clinical trials.

Describe the biggest challenge facing our clients/industry today. How are we addressing this?

With the current economic landscape, several sponsors are struggling to control the expenses associated with clinical trials. Our bespoke approach within a competitive market involves cost management strategies that center on supplying value to sponsors. We offer solutions that balance the need for high-caliber services with cost efficiency which allow companies to grow in infrastructure by managing HR costs and risks. One of the greatest benefits of the FSP model is that it allows for flexible resourcing during the ebbs and flows of clinical trials by minimizing the financial burden between projects and allowing companies the ability to not only ramp up/down but also move resources internally.

What is a current trend you're seeing in the industry and how does it impact our clients and patients?

  • The increased use of technology: Many sponsors are increasingly using technology to improve efficiency and accuracy in clinical trial activities. For example, electronic data capture systems, remote monitoring tools, and virtual trial platforms are being used to streamline data management and improve patient engagement.
  • Growing focus on patient-centricity: Sponsors are placing greater emphasis on patient-centricity in clinical trials, with a focus on improving patient experience, engagement, and outcomes. This includes the use of patient-reported outcomes, digital health technologies, and other patient-centered approaches.
  • Increased use of real-world data: Many companies are increasingly incorporating real-world data (RWD) into clinical trial activities by providing a more comprehensive understanding of patient outcomes and treatment effectiveness, i.e., the use of electronic health records and patient-generated data.
  • Greater focus on diversity and inclusion: Many sponsors are recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in clinical trials and are working to improve patient representation across different demographic groups.

Why are you proud to work at ProPharma?

Our work at ProPharma provides sense of purpose and satisfaction by contributing to the development of new treatments and therapies that can have a positive impact on patient health and well-being. Our company culture fosters a sense of pride and commitment to the work being done in each clinical trial we support. I am proud to work for an organization that values collaboration, works towards excellence and promotes innovation!

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