Webinar: Taking ATMPs to the Bedside

What is on the Horizon?

Advanced (cell and gene) therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) originally began as a potential treatment for a fortunate few in rare disease settings. However, over the years, this landscape has evolved significantly. The current ATMP arsenal is continuously expanding, extending far beyond the realm of (haemato-)oncology. Despite this remarkable success story, the journey from the lab to the patient's bedside is anything but smooth sailing. The process of bringing an ATMP to fruition presents its own set of specific and complex challenges.

In this intricate development field, creativity is essential. Our team of experts is here to share their insights on the current opportunities that can simplify the path to ATMP development. These include decentralised manufacturing, utilizing the hospital exemption (specific to the EU), early integration of devices and diagnostics into the overall development plan, and addressing the growing demand for comparative results from stakeholders in drug development.

Discover opportunities available to help bring your ATMP to patients. Watch and learn more about how these opportunities can benefit you.

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