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Our aim is to make your business succeed. ProPharma Group’s experienced team commands a breadth and depth of knowledge pertaining to the FDA and EMA regulatory frameworks and can work with you to accomplish your regulatory and business objectives. We develop regulatory strategies for your product, providing a clear path forward through all the critical milestones to achieve a successful outcome. We can also help with your post-authorization regulatory needs, including the launch of your product, line extensions (LE) and variations, and maintaining your products’ optimal regulatory status throughout its lifecycle.

ProPharma Group continues to build upon our strong foundation of regulatory science with acquisitions that further globalize and deepen our service capabilities. Our integrated team of specialists has grown through uniting leading regulatory affairs companies such as the former Xendo Life Sciences and Sofus Regulatory Affairs, as well as The Weinberg Group and Southwood Research.

Our veteran team has over 30 years of experience using scientific knowledge to strategize viable and efficient drug and device development pathways to achieve successful outcomes with regulatory agencies. Explore all the ways that ProPharma Group can support your product pipeline throughout the entire product lifecycle:

FDA Services: Drug Development

From developing and executing your regulatory strategy to obtaining NDA approval, our regulatory and scientific knowledge combined with our experience and history of working with the FDA enables us to advance your product successfully.

US & EU: Medical Device Development

From concept development through FDA approval and the Agency’s post-marketing requirements, our team of specialists are highly qualified to assist you in all aspects of device regulation throughout the product lifecycle.

EMA/National Agencies Services: Pre-Authorization

Interacting with the EMA and obtaining the Agency’s approval can be a daunting task; we are here to help you every step of the way.

EMA/National Agencies Services: Regulatory Operations

After your data has been gathered and your submission has been compiled, if it is not submitted appropriately, all of your hard work could fall short and fail. We assist with all EMA communication and interaction to achieve successful outcomes.

EMA/National Agencies Services: Post-Authorization

We understand your work does not end after EMA approval has been obtained, so neither does ours. Our expertise and experience extends well into the post-authorization phase to continue and ensure all EMA requirements are completed appropriately.

The ProPharma Group Advantage

Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices

Our experts specialize in all facets of pharmaceutical and medical device development and regulation

FDA and EMA Expertise

Using our novel approach which combines deep scientific knowledge and extensive regulatory experience, we help clients achieve successful outcomes with regulators within the FDA and EMA

Full Lifecycle Support

From early stage development through the approval and commercialization of your product, our experts can assist with all your regulatory needs across the entire product lifecycle

A Global Team of Trusted Experts

Are you in the process of developing an FDA or EMA regulated product? Our experienced team of specialists can help you achieve successful regulatory outcomes in the most expeditious way possible to help you realize the value of those outcomes sooner.

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