Webinar: How Life Science Companies Can Realize the Full Value of Their R&D Data

Navigating Digital Transformation Challenges

Biotech and pharmaceutical organizations have increasingly large volumes of data at their disposal, yet most struggle to extract value from it. The abundance of data is both a blessing and a challenge and many organizations find themselves grappling with the untapped potential of their data resources. While many companies are keen to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), a majority don’t have the necessary foundations in place for using AI in R&D digital transformation initiatives to be successful.

In this webinar, our digital transformation experts discuss the root causes behind this problem and shed light on how to address commonly found deficiencies in data quality, infrastructure, and governance. With two case studies, our experts share insights into the importance of establishing and maintaining good data management practices, regardless of the size or stage of your digital journey.

Watch now to learn more about the most common barriers to leveraging AI in R&D data digital transformation and how to overcome them.

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