Congratulations to our 2012 Colleague Award Winners!

January 1, 2013

 A special congratulations to the 2012 Colleague Award Winners.  These individuals have gone the extra mile for ProPharma Group and they deserve the recognition.

Special Projects Award: This award goes to an individual who serves the needs of others through special projects outside the routine scope of the job. Congratulations Jim John - Project Management Quality Consultant.

Road Warrior Award: The nature of our industry can require extensive travel. This award goes to the individuals who travel with a great attitude to provide high-value service. They are the heroes of our company. Congratulations Chuck Luce – Program Manager & Kirk Proto - Project Lead.

MacGyver Award: If you are familiar with the late 80s/early 90s action hero, then you know what this award is all about. It goes to the person who has creative and resourceful solutions. Just don't trust her to deactivate any bombs! Congratulations Amanda Payne - Marketing Coordinator.

Rookie of the Year Award: Congratulations to Andrew Knight - Validation Engineer II and Meghan Mountain - Medical Information Specialist (ARM) for earning this award by providing high levels of service in year #1 with the company.

Raving Fan Award: This individual has shown continuous dedication to his clients' satisfaction. He faces challenges and accomplishes tasks; consistently delivering above the clients' expectations. Congratulations Glenn Odle - Sr. Project Manager.

Lew Bradford MVP Award: Lew Bradford worked with ProPharma Group for a number of years, first as a contractor, then a full-time colleague. He passed in 2010 and is always remembered for his exemplary attitude and outward perception. We honor him by giving out the award to the person who embodies those attributes that Lew valued. Kyle Nordstrom - Project Manager receives this award for his dedication to clients, his colleagues, and our company.


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