Webinar: Navigating Regulatory Submissions with Science-Backed Strategies

Unlock the potential of your drug/medical device development with the power of science-backed strategies!

In this webinar, learn from our industry experts, Matthew Weinberg and Sharon Charles, how to showcase your product in the best scientific light, optimize statistical processes, animal models, and pharmacodynamics for better results. Discover the value of science-based conversations with regulators for faster and more effective approvals. Our expert speakers will guide you through the best practices and strategies for navigating regulatory hurdles. Watch now to uncover how a science-backed strategic approach can deliver successful regulatory submissions, generate optimal results, and speed up your product's entry into the market.

Need help navigating the dynamic regulatory market to bring your product concept to market?

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Meet the Speakers

Matthew Weinberg

Matthew Weinberg

President, Regulatory Sciences


Sharon Charles

Vice President, Clinical Operations