Webinar: Innovation in Oncology Clinical Trials

Navigating Regulatory Challenges, Optimizing Protocols and Breaking Access Barriers

In this webinar, learn from our regulatory and clinical research experts how personalized medicine and other innovative strategies have led to smaller study populations associated with higher uncertainty on the evidence base for approval and reimbursement decision-making, while at the same time, broad patient access and the external validity of the data need to be ensured. This force-field warrants clever thinking about study design and making adequate use of the evolving regulatory environment.  

Our expert speakers discuss three challenging aspects of oncology clinical trials, including navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape, key types of innovative study design for novel therapies, and patient access and diversity.

Watch now to gain valuable insights into how to optimize trial design, overcome barriers and adhere to the evolving regulatory landscape. Ultimately, this knowledge will contribute to equitable access to innovative treatments, improved trial efficiency, and enhanced patient outcomes.

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Meet the Speakers

Paula van Hennik

Paula van Hennik

Clinical Group Head, Regulatory Sciences

Robert Rachford-2

Robert Rachford

Vice President, Biostatistics and Programming


Kimberly Futch

Director, Clinical Operations Strategy


Shelby Stillwagon

Senior Director, Decentralized Clinical Trials