Vendor Selection & Management Services

We specialize in improving your end-to-end vendor relationship cycle.

We understand that identifying and managing a vendor is not easy. ProPharma Group has a proven track record of working with Life Sciences companies to help in the identification and management of vendors.

Our identification services will save you time and effort by allowing us to interview you to understand your vendor needs and allow us to use our own methodologies to search for potential partners that meet your needs. We will work with you to manage the RFP process, if needed, through the selection and confirmation processes. We can support you anywhere along the R&D and Manufacturing lifecycle, but we have specialized capabilities in the latter area.

For management, we can work with you to develop and roll-out ongoing governance and audit processes to ensure that your vendor’s objectives and activities are being completed as agreed upon and there is a mechanism for issue and risk identification, escalation, and management.

We understand that these services are especially important for virtual life sciences companies.

We can help you handle these types of challenges:

  • Identify or replace a vendor to support your general manufacturing needs (e.g., packaging, labeling, product development)
  • Develop and manage the RFP process for identification and selection of a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)
  • Develop or optimize and roll-out your internal vendor management quality processes
  • Identify a new Contract Develop Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) vendor to support expansion, downsize, or entry into a new market
  • Develop and roll-out a governance process to provide ongoing oversight of the vendor (e.g., meetings, metrics reports, issue/risk logs)
  • Conduct ongoing audit activities to ensure that the vendor is compliant with current or new regulation
  • Assess and develop or refine processes to conduct technology transfer activities between the client and the vendor
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