Third-Party Selection Services

Finding and Partnering with the Optimal Provider

For companies looking to expand, downsize, or move into a new market, we can help you identify the right Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) to meet your specific development needs.

Partnerships that Optimize Success

Our CMO Compass® service was developed exclusively by ProPharma Group based on proven due diligence methodology to rapidly and precisely locate the optimal CMO partner by:

  • Understanding the nuances of your needs
  • Conducting a weighted market search in our global database using your prioritized criteria
  • Identifying your top 5 potential partner firms in a specific area
  • Analyzing candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in the areas of compliance history, capacity, quality systems, customer service support, and cost

This service saves our clients time and money by eliminating the time-consuming task of searching and evaluating hundreds of options on their own. In addition, ProPharma Group’s CMO Compass® minimizes internal bias and provides high value in terms of speed, quality, and cost.

As the only consulting organization to provide this type of service, ProPharma Group supports your success by creating strategic partnerships to help you develop, manufacture, or test your products at any stage of clinical or commercial development.

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