Why Work for ProPharma Group?

October 23, 2013 by Andrea Oldham, Operations Planner

Discover why ProPharma Group should be your top choice for a consulting career.

In a changing economy and business environment, there are more and more consulting career options for people in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. ProPharma Group should be a top choice for a consulting career because ProPharma Group takes a tremendous amount of pride in its people and each and every project.

ProPharma Group ensures the success of each project by making sure the right people with the correct skill sets are on each project. If you are in this industry and have been on projects or had an experience in the past where this was not the case, it is painful. ProPharma Group avoids this situation by having qualified and strong Project Managers that mentor the project team and lead each project to successful completion. ProPharma Group also invests a significant amount of time identifying consultants for each project to ensure project success.

ProPharma Group starts investing in a consultant as soon as they submit their resume. First, the consultant spends time speaking with our recruitment team and management team, having an open dialog on what type of opportunity the consultant is looking for and what opportunities ProPharma Group can offer the consultant. The consultant is required to complete a thorough on-boarding process to ensure the project teams are comprised of the best professionals in the industry.

ProPharma Group takes pride in our people and invests in them because the people are critical to ProPharma Group’s ongoing success. As projects conclude, ProPharma Group continues to identify the consultant’s next project because ProPharma Group aims to retain the best consultants in our industry. If you are interested in working with industry experts who focus on project success and a company who will take pride in you, ProPharma Group is the company for you.

Does this sound like the kind of company and career you desire? Take a peek at our available opportunities.

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