Insider Talks - Tips to Adapt to Today’s Auditing Environment, an Auditor’s Perspective

As businesses face the shared global challenges of adapting to new operating models triggered by the recent pandemic, regulated drug and device sponsors, marketing authorization holders, and manufacturers all had to quickly adapt many processes to maintain the supply chain for their critically needed products. How can we successfully transition from the old ways to the new improved ways of auditing?





The Cost of Poor Project Management

Project Management isn’t for the faint of heart. There is a shockingly high rate of project failure… but on the other hand, great project management can be a key differentiator that leads a company...


Free Webinar: Effective FDA Engagement

FDA faces challenges (like new technology) and new review models (like real world evidence) that stretch agency standards and practices. At the same time, imperatives like product safety and efficacy...


Successfully Passing MHRA Inspections for Overseas Manufacturing Sites

ProPharma Group offers GMP and GDP compliance services from clinical development to commercial distribution of the products' lifecycle. ProPharma Group’s Compliance and Quality team completed the...