How to Setup an Effective PV System in the UK and EU/EEA

Webinar Replay

An essential guide to PV system implementation in the UK and EU/EEA.

Welcome to the replay of our insightful webinar, "QPPV Office: Ensuring Compliance and Safety in Pharmacovigilance". This session was packed with valuable information on the roles and responsibilities of the Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV), best practices for maintaining compliance, and strategies for ensuring drug safety.

Whether you are revisiting the webinar to deepen your understanding or watching it for the first time, you’ll find practical insights and expert advice that can help your organization excel in pharmacovigilance.

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Meet Our Experts

  • Thomas Chatzopoulos Bio Photo

    Thomas Chatzopoulos

    Vice President, QPPV Office

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  • Susanna Heinonen Bio Photo

    Susanna Heinonen


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  • David Lough Bio Photo

    David Lough

    Senior PV Consultant

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Thomas Chatzopoulos brings over 25 years of Pharmacovigilance expertise, having held senior roles at leading pharmaceutical companies including Grünenthal, Novartis, and Boehringer Ingelheim. As Vice President of the QPPV Office at ProPharma, he oversees QPPV and LPPV activities, leveraging his extensive experience in setting up global PV systems and preparing them for audits and inspections.
Susanna Heinonen is a seasoned GxP professional with more than 14 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has a proven track record in setting up and monitoring GxP systems, and has worked in various consultancy and leadership roles. At ProPharma, Susanna applies her deep expertise in multinational projects, cross-functional collaboration, and vendor management.
David Lough is a Senior PV Consultant with 7 years of experience in pharmaceutical consultancy, specializing in UK QPPV/NCP roles, PSMFs, EU LPPV setup, and GVP Auditing. Based in the UK, David is known for his thorough understanding of drug safety practices and regulations across the UK and EU, bringing a highly motivated and detail-oriented approach to his role at ProPharma.