ProPharma Unveils Prodigy: Groundbreaking Technology-Enabled Consulting Platform to Revolutionize Life Science Consulting Industry

January 4, 2024

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Whitepaper published alongside today's announcement details $5M+ investment and up to 50% improvement in speed, quality, and cost with new AI-enhanced solutions.

RALEIGH, NC, January 4, 2023ProPharma Group, the world’s largest Research Consulting Organization (RCO) and the leading global provider of regulatory, clinical, and compliance services for the life sciences industry, and a portfolio company of Odyssey Investment Partners, has introduced Prodigy, an end-to-end technology-enabled consulting platform as an evolution to their RCO delivery model. By enhancing ProPharma’s global RCO capability with AI and machine learning solutions, Prodigy bolsters ProPharma’s ability to lead the industry in its journey from volume to value, where access to information, and the utility of technology and evidence continue to drive increased nuance and opportunity for innovators. This innovative development underscores ProPharma's commitment to driving change in the clinical research industry, with a focus on becoming an insights leader and providing friction-free and insightful experiences for their clients.

In a significant departure from traditional clinical research outsourcing (CRO) models, ProPharma's Prodigy platform introduces a suite of new features designed to meet the demands across the full lifecycle of drug and device development. Leveraging a forward-thinking, tech-enabled consulting mindset, Prodigy empowers researchers and sponsors with the tools needed to navigate the complex challenges associated with developing a winning clinical strategy.

Prodigy is a result of ProPharma's strategic investment of over $5 million in 2023 alone, reflecting the company's dedication to innovation in the life sciences industry. This new suite of features encompasses three core capabilities:

  1. AI-Enhanced Solutions: Prodigy employs machine learning and natural language processing to enhance critical aspects of the research process. Site and patient intelligence solutions, label intelligence, health authority decision intelligence, and literature search/review have all benefited from up to 50% improvement in speed, quality, and cost.
  2. Informatics and Advanced Analytics: Recognizing the growth in healthcare data, ProPharma has partnered with industry leaders like H1 to rapidly surface insights from massive datasets. Prodigy’s data curation engine, Prodigy LIVE, transforms raw data into standardized formats, organizing and visualizing it into automated dashboards and reports. This approach simplifies access to insights for clients and staff, shifting the focus from the collection of data towards its utility. 
  3. Productivity Tools: Prodigy further delivers the automation of repetitive and mundane tasks using AI. In particular, ProPharma has integrated a large language model construct into the platform, Prodigy GPT, which enables advanced knowledge management and information processing. This reduces the time needed for data processing and increases the accuracy of results, leading to improved decision-making and enhanced productivity.

ProPharma has also published a whitepaper titled "Innovation and the Black Swan: A View on the Future of Clinical Research Outsourcing" alongside today's announcement. The whitepaper dives into how ProPharma's Prodigy platform addresses shortcomings of the CRO model with the new tech-enabled consulting platform. Given the explosive growth in the market, there's a strong need for new tech advancements, like Prodigy, to provide complementary technologies to support our operational ability to flex and align our delivery model to variations across innovator size and scope.

“At ProPharma, AI-first implies democratizing access to these new resources; transforming the fabric of our business and improving the ability of our teams to drive the future of science.”, says Mike Stomberg, CEO of ProPharma. “Prodigy is a testament to our commitment to navigate challenges within the life sciences industry, positioning ProPharma as a leader committed to innovation and marking a significant step forward in driving advancements in patient care through technology-enabled tools that provide sponsors a shared path to value.” 

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