Pricing and Reimbursement Services

The Value of the Right Price Through the Right Partnership

As the reimbursement process becomes more and more complex, gaining reimbursement at the national level is becoming more of a critical challenge – one that many organizations are not prepared to address on their own. Rapid market access depends not only on an optimal strategy for price and reimbursement, but also on early communication with national payers.

Our Pricing and Reimbursement team has extensive experience and offers expertise and knowledge of the value of a product from a payer’s perspective, which is essential to a successful reimbursement strategy. Our experience covers a wide range of products in all major therapeutic areas and all aspects of pricing policies such as reference pricing and value-based pricing.

As the threshold for gaining reimbursement rises, the demand for proof-of-value and effectiveness of the product has become a crucial issue. ProPharma Group helps with identifying and presenting evidence of product value and provides expert advice throughout the lifecycle of the product.

ProPharma Group's pricing and reimbursement consulting team will help you with:
  • Pricing and reimbursement strategies to support optimal value positioning, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and pricing
  • Advice regarding pricing aspects in early development phases to ensure payer-relevant outcomes are captured
  • Landscape reviews and market assessment, including review of comparators, defining unmet need, and identifying patient subpopulations for optimal turnover
  • Developing country-specific pricing and reimbursement submissions including engagement with HTA authorities
  • Presenting payer-relevant evidence through writing of global value dossiers including cost-effectiveness and budget impact modelling
  • Participation in advisory boards and expert focus groups
  • Ongoing support with general questions regarding local markets