Sterilization Validation Services

Ensure Your Sterilization Cycles Produce the Desired Results, Every Time

ProPharma Group understands the key role of sterilization in your processes. Whether it be steam or dry heat sterilization or depyrogenation, we have the knowledge and resources to deliver validated sterilization to your products and processes. Utilizing your specific process risks as a foundation, we ensure a continuously reliable and compliant sterilization program. Whether you need initial validation or periodic revalidation, ProPharma Group has the expertise to support you.

  • Initial validation – ProPharma Group helps you establish your sterilization processes, including the development of a process matrix approach, assessment of process risk, cycle development and process optimization, and validation of terminal sterilization of product for multiple delivery sizes. We use industry best practices and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your sterilization cycles produce the desired results every time.
  • Revalidation – ProPharma Group also recognizes that different variables can alter the system over time, such as typical aging of the equipment or as a result of changes made to the equipment or load items. We are well-versed in the performance of routine revalidation, process validation change control, process risk assessment, and remediation of processes before problems develop.