Product Development Management Services

Mitigate Project Costs, Accelerate Project Timelines, and Improve Commercial Probability

Product development is a high-risk, complex process—one that many companies manage by shuffling around their own internal and technical experts to oversee various supplier groups along the way. Given the significant risk of bringing a product to market under the best circumstances, cutting corners on the management of this endeavor inevitably compounds that risk. When potential future funding and internal and external credibility are on the line, having the helping hand of an experienced team can certainly add a higher certainty for success.

Qualified by our team’s experience as program owners pursuing approval themselves, ProPharma Group can act as an extension of your internal experts from early stage clinical development through commercialization. We take the extra step to understand the pharmaceutical and diagnostic product as well as your business goals first, before mapping and executing a strategic development plan. This approach leads to a cost efficient, strategic regulatory and product development program in sync with the business goals of the sponsor.