Procurement and Construction Supervision

Effective and Continuous Management Services to Meet Your Project Build Goals

Effectively managing complicated business processes such as procurement and supervisory functions is vital to the continued progress of your new pharmaceutical facility or extension. In the never-ending list of to-dos, these critical functions can easily be cast aside or passed to an inexperienced member of your team. Without effective and continuous management, your project could potentially lose millions of dollars and coveted time ramping up to production.

ProPharma Group’s experts will assist you with cleanroom procurement, including equipment acquisition and installation. This often encompasses the technical and commercial analysis of bids as well as vendor auditing and selection. We will also supervise the construction of new or revamped pharmaceutical and/or biotech facilities to ensure the projected quality, timing, and safety during the construction process. We proactively monitor progress and the budget utilizing our own APEX project management tool in order to ensure that we have fully met your project goals and expectations.