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June 15, 2012 by ,

ProPharma finds a recession antidote: Expand customer base and services

Photo courtesy of Kansas City Business Journal.


President Jeff Hargroves, who started the company in 2001 in his house in Fairway, said ProPharma still was getting work in 2008, especially as drug developers realized they could save money outsourcing the compliance and validation pieces of their business. But it was still a down economy, and choices had to be made.
He and his fellow managers agreed to go without bonuses for a year, and the company held on to its workforce.
“We decided we were going to bet on the future,” he said. “Our sales funnel looked good. Where a normal company would have laid off four or five people, we decided to suck it up. … It’s amazing what that did for employee loyalty around the company when people saw that in just a little downturn you’re not going to turn around and let everybody go. It really paid off in the long term.”

To read the full article from the Kansas City Business Journal, click here.

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