Product Lifecycle Management Services

Most organizations have a well-defined endpoint for their product or development program, such as:

  • To attain a Biologics License Application (BLA) for a new therapy
  • To receive market authorization to distribute in another country 
  • To complete a Phase II study to receive a milestone payment

Achieving any one of these is a complex process that requires significant investment in research and development and years of planning and execution across a number of disciplines. 

As is the case with any complex project with numerous stakeholders and contributors, robust project planning and execution combined with proven, tested methodologies is key to successfully achieving the desired endpoint. It also has the added benefit of reducing risk and increasing the probability of a quality outcome.

ProPharma Group’s product lifecycle management support consists of a portfolio of interrelated services aligned to support sponsor companies in the product development continuum, from clinical development through commercial manufacturing. Each of these services has been deployed in real world situations and is in a continual state of refinement. By using tested processes in conjunction with experienced subject matter experts, we are able to increase efficiencies, reduce risk, and accelerate schedules.      

Product Lifecycle Management Services: